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01.04.2016 Print

Celebrating the Day of Russian Science

February 8 at the Kuzbass Cardiology Center held a traditional celebration of the Day of Russian Science. Using the services of "Time Machine" scientists Centre came to congratulate himself, Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov, whose fundamental discoveries and knowledge contributed greatly to the development of chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, history, linguistics and poetics. He was actively involved in 1755 in the basis of the Moscow University, now rightly bears his name. Mikhail said Honourable mention the most outstanding young scientists institutions who have made a significant contribution to the development of Russian medical science, including Elena Velikanova Mikhail Tabakaev Yuri Portnov, Jan Kazachёk Anastasia Kochergina. In response, the young scientists and promised to continue to work productively for the benefit of Russian science. Mikhail congratulated ideological inspirer and leader Leonid Semenovich Barbarash center and awarded him a gold medal Kuzbass Cardiology Center "For personal contribution to the development of cardiology and cardiac surgery in the Kuzbass".

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