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19.01.2016 Print

Boston test

Our center, as a party to the International Programme on the joint improvement of the quality of surgery of congenital heart diseases and cooperates with leading cardiac centers in the United States, has successfully passed the qualification audit of the Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The round table, which was held January 18, 2016, a comprehensive evaluation of the anesthetic and intensive care, cardiac surgery and children's department was held. Professional skills of employees of our Center and an individual approach to each patient were highly appreciated by our colleagues from Boston: children's heart surgeon Christopher Baird, head nurse Beverly Small and specialist assessment of compliance Carrie Makeneni. The center's employees are actively involved in providing specialized care for patients with congenital heart disease, we presented the following reports: "The dynamics of the development of cardiac surgery in the Institute KPSSZ" - Nokhrin Andrey, "Organization of the work of children's cardiology department" - Shmulevich Svetlana, "Psychological support for children UPU "- Avdyushkina Tatiana," Nursing education - results and prospects "- Anikeeva Ekaterina," Using the checklist of WHO activities "- Gaponova Natalia," Providing a safe environment for children in the department of cardiac surgery "- Vabishchevich Nadezhda. Moreover, our young patients and their parents were advised of world-class specialists.

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