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Information Technology Department

Head of the Department – Shamina Oksana

Missions of the Department:

  1. Providing a high level of scientific researches.
  2. Providing workplaces for the employees of the Institution.
  3. Maintenance of the currently existing automated data systems of the KCC.
  4. Design, development, implementation and maintenance of other different specialized software products and systems aimed at automation of different technological fields of the KKC activity, including Web-developments.
  5. Organization and carrying out of the required activities at the implementation phase of information products and systems.
  6. Development, implementation, maintenance and modernization of the KCC network infrastructure.
  7. Organization, implementation and maintenance of information security strategy of the KCC information resources.
  8. Installation and configuration of the server software of the KCC (mail server, file server, Web and other).
  9. Maintenance of the KKC website (prompt publication of information, administration, modernization).
  10. Current administration of the information resources of the KCC, including the software produced by the Department itself. Maintaining the accounting records of the users of the KCC network, as well as the corporate information system of the KCC. Implementation of data backup and execution of the regulated activities for their restoration in case of software crash.
  11. Organization, installation and repair of servers and workstations, peripherals (printers, copiers, scanners) as well as network equipment of the KCC. Execution of the scheduled regulated activities for service, antiviral and technical maintenance of the technical resources.
  12. Planning of the current modernization of the computers and network equipment of the KCC, as well as the use of consumables. Purchase, accounting and standby storage of the equipment in accordance with the developed plans.
  13. Installation, technical maintenance and modernization of the network and Internet communication nod as well as exterior communication channel as agreed with a provider of the Internet-service.
  14. Installation, update and operational support of the third parties’ software at workstations
  15. Maintenance of the phone lines of the internal use and mini-PABX of the KCC.

phone: +7 (3842) 64-46-25


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