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Department of Experimental and Clinical Cardiology

Head of the Department – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Ph.D., Kudryavtseva Yulia

Research fields of the Department:

1. Pathogenetic rationale, development, clinical testing and estimation of the results of new prostheses and grafts application for replacement of the damaged elements of cardiovascular system.

2. Development of new methods of treatment with the application of cellular and nanotechnologies.

3. Rationale for the contribution of genetic and immunologic factors to the development of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

4. Mastering and development of the achievements of modern fundamental biomedical science and their implementation into the research practice of the Institute.

Scientific missions of the Department:

1. Pathogenetical rationale for the development of new biocompatible materials on the basis of nanotechnologies and tissue engineering for cardiovascular surgery.

2. Clinical testing, evaluation of early and long-term results of application of new models of cardiovascular bioprostheses.

3. Detection of genetic predictors of development of cardiovascular diseases and pathological conditions, complicating their course.

4. Mastering and introduction into the research practice of the Institution of modern methods of visualization of tissue ultrastructure.

5. Assistance to the clinical departments of the Institution while performing in vivo and in vitro experiments.

6. Translation of scientifically-based diagnosis and treatment technologies into the practical clinical activity of the Institution.

phone: +7 (3842) 64-42-38


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